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Pre-Production and Post Production

At BBPR, we handle both Pre-Production (planning, scriptwriting, casting, location scouting) and Post-Production (video editing, sound design, special effects) for your media needs, ensuring a seamless project journey.

Photography and Videography

At BBPR, our Photography and Videography services capture your brand's essence through stunning imagery, reflecting your identity and engaging your audience.

Cinematic Event Coverage

At BBPR, our Cinematic Event Coverage services bring your events to life through storytelling, capturing their essence, energy, and emotions with cinematic finesse, engaging and inspiring your audience.


At BBPR, our skilled editors enhance your content through careful editing, ensuring clarity, coherence, and engagement in the final product.

Graphic Design and Animation

At BBPR, our Graphic Design and Animation services bring your brand's story to life with captivating visuals and animations that align seamlessly with your identity and goals.


At BBPR, our skilled CGI and VFX team enhances content with stunning effects, seamlessly blending artistry and technology to deliver exceptional results in film, digital characters, and visual effects.

Branding and Identity Design

At BBPR, our creative team specializes in crafting unique Branding and Identity Design solutions that define and elevate your brand's essence, resonating with your target audience and forming a strong foundation for effective communication.

Print and Packaging Design

At BBPR, our creative team specializes in designing eye-catching Print and Packaging solutions that protect your products while conveying your brand's story and values, leaving a memorable impression.

3D Designing

At BBPR, we use 3D Designing to innovate and engage your audience with captivating visualizations and animations, setting you apart in a visually-driven world.

Background Score

At BBPR, our expert composers and sound designers create custom soundtracks that intensify narratives and evoke emotions in films, ads, and multimedia, leaving a lasting auditory impression.

Media Outreach, Press Releases & Monitoring

Full-Service Creative Production